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Call Stuart for a quote 0417 402 124

Transporting a boat by road might seem an odd thing to do. However in many cases boats at some point in their lives have to be taken to the water, or removed from the water. Sometimes its for maintenance or just a change of scenery; our boat transportation company can assist!

Whether the boat has to travel a few kilometres or across a few states, we aim to be competitive with our pricing against other boat transport companies.

Of course, in some cases moving your boat by road can be a cheaper option than sailing or motoring it. Using our boat shipping company means you will save time, fuel and wear and tear.

Our purpose as a boat transportation company is to provide a specialist transport service for your boat. Our knowledge of how to properly lift the boat, and where and how to secure it to the trailer is essential for the well being of the boat. It is attention to detail that ensures a safe journey for your boat and Boats By Road aims to provide guardianship of your boat on its journey over land.

Dependent upon the size of the boat, it is a requirement of all boat shipping companies to engage oversize Pilot Vehicles to accompany them on the trip. The cost of this service is always included in any quote provided by Boats By Road.

Most states of Australia also require oversize permits from the relevant state roads authority, to ensure the boat transport company adheres to the correct transport route on their journey.

Each boat movement is unique and is treated on an individual basis.

Other additional services that form part of the boat transport process such as crane lifts, pilot vehicles, permits and possible storage costs will be included in our quotes, so you will always have an exact figure on boat transport costs.

We like to ensure all costs are explained before you make a decision about which boat transport company to choose, call or email us to discuss your boat transport requirements.

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