Call Stuart for a quote 0417 402 124

Call Stuart for a quote 0417 402 124

Boats By Road’s boat transportation service is as our name suggests: transporting boats by road. It all starts with the boat, and getting a clear idea about the dimensions is essential in planning the voyage by road.

Similar to planning a trip with your boat on the water, it is just as important to plan the boat’s journey by road. Our job as a dedicated boat transport service is to manage all of this for you.

As all boat owners know many elements come in to play when moving a boat on water. Sometimes bad weather delays a journey or mechanical breakdowns can cause major headaches whilst out on the water.

In any case, transporting your boat by road eliminates some of the worry about getting your boat to where you want it, on time and without worry.

Most times it is comparatively quicker and cheaper to transport by road, leaving you to enjoy your trip or save you the hassle of sailing/motoring it yourself.

As part of our boat transport service Stuart can suggest a checklist of items that need to be addressed before the boat is ready for transport.

These include:

  • Double checking dimensions of the boat, as this is a key factor that determines permit requirements, travel route, crane lift and access to sites.
  • De-rigging and dismantling of masts.
  • Removal or fly bridges and or canopies (if required).
  • Stowing away any loose items and equipment.

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